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Relationships: Readiness (5)

Relationships: Readiness 

 Disciplines of Discipleship: What Should They Be Taught by John Kern Unless we teach them the disciplines of discipleship, they will depart when they grow old. Therefore we need to make sure we are teaching the disciplines of discipleship and not putting stumbling block in their path. Stumbling blocks will come, but woe to one by whom they come. Disciplines of Discipleship: More of Who Can Teach Them by John Kern To be certified or commended as qualified to teach another, one must first be trained themselves. Then they are chosen as a teacher of those who have been enrolled for training. He has given us instruction and examples of those who He discipled and made adequate to share in His Ministry of discipleship. Disciplines of Discipleship: Who Can Teach Them by John Kern Not everyone who calls them self a teacher is qualified to teach. Moreover those who profess to teach those things that pertain to the disciplines of discipleship. Who then is qualified or adequate? Disciplines of Discipleship: The Way They Should Go by John Kern The way we go will determine our destination. Continuing on that way requires discipline so that we do not drift and depart from the way. Disciplines of Discipleship: Training a Child by John Kern "As the twig is bent, so the tree grows". How we are taught, what we are taught, and most importantly, who teaches us will determine the final disciple. Disciplines of Discipleship by John Kern We fall short of our pursuit without proper discipline or training. Proper training can only come from a proper teacher. What's the Number 30 Reason You Can't Find Love? by Ted Santos Many people believe love happens magically. When you understand relationships, you learn they are no different than anything else. If you want to be good at anything, it requires training and preparation. Avoid those and you avoid being great. How does that mindset affect relationships? Read carefully. What's the Number 27 Reason You Can't Find Love? by Ted Santos Relationships are a two way street. While it is a two way street, it does not mean you will know what the other person needs from you. Nor will you know if they can provide what you want. However, there is a much bigger picture. If you are unable to answer that one, it will not matter how many ways the street goes.

  What's the Number 25 Reason You Can't Find Love? by Ted Santos The number 25 reason you can't find love is one that can be changed over night. As children, the adults in our lives set us up to fail in relationships. When you look at the divorce rate, you see I am not exaggerating. When you look at the amount of relationships that will never make it to marriage, you see most people have failed their relationships before they start. Why??? You better believe I'm going to tell you. What's the Number 24 Reason You Can't Find Love? by Ted Santos The number 24 reason you can't find love is extremely important. For those who don't resolve it, you will go through a perpetual cycle of being with the wrong person. For you, it will always seem like something is wrong with others. What's the Number 18 Reason You Can't Find Love? by Ted Santos The number 18 reason you can't find love is not very logical. Yet, many people engage in this behavior. To intentionally engage in it is malicious. If it is accidental, it may be a sigh of incompetence. Nevertheless, people who do this will surely kill the relationship. At best, they will send it into the eternal path of mediocrity. What's the Number 8 Reason You Will Never Find Love? by Ted Santos There are many myths surrounding relationships. One of them is that relationships take hard work. If you go into a relationship believing that myth, you will be plagued with relationship challenges. The funny thing is you will believe it is normal. That is considered confirmation bias. If you have that mindset, how will you ever learn relationships do not require hard work? What's the Number 5 Reason You Will Never Find Love? by Ted Santos Most people base successful relationships on feelings and chemistry, which is more feelings. While that may be nice in the beginning, it takes significantly more than feelings to make a relationship work. Do you have what it takes? This article addresses what it takes. The Casting Couch and Sex and Case of Wienstein by Madan G Singh The famous Hollywood Mogul Is accused by many women for acts of impropriety but the casting couch is part of Bollywood and Hollywood folklore. The Casting Couch is a rather old-fashioned phrase that is associated with Hollywood. What does it mean? Sex With The Ex - Is It The Right Move? by Yasmin Andrea Imam Sex with the ex, may be what you believe is the best choice, on a day when you are lonely.

  But is it, really? This article covers whether it is a wise choice to go back for a few hours of heave-ho. The Specific Heat of Humans by Elizabeth Anne Williams Metals have their own unique temper value, known as specific heat, but what about us? Can we measure and quantify our own tempers? Let's find out! 9 Questions To Ask Before Marriage To Reduce The Risk Of Divorce by Kerwyn Joseph Divorce rarely happens because of problems that mysteriously show up. No, they often were present even before the couple met each other. Having a framework to help you better assess the relationship early on can save you the future horrors and hurt of divorce. Taking 9 weeks to get answers to 9 questions is better than rushing into 9 years of chaos and endless fighting. So, Who Is Mr Right Anyway? by Sue Ellam Many people have this vision of the perfect partner who will make their lives complete, and the only slight altercation will be about who does the washing up or takes out the rubbish! Whether we call it Soulmate, Twin Flame or Mr/Ms Right it amounts to the same thing - a lot of people have this vision of someone who will totally understand them and life will become harmonious and much better when we meet them. What people don't necessarily ask themselves is - what would that paragon of virtue see in us? What would make them single us out to be their lifetime partner? Looking fantastic and/or being sexy isn't enough - not for a lifetime commitment. There has to be some other attraction, something deeper and beyond the physical. Happily Ever After? A Realistic Look At Cinderella And Her Handsome Prince's Love Story by Suzette Vearnon Wonder what Cinderella would tell us about relationships if we could talk to her now? Would it be "Ladies, don't lose hope. There is a handsome Prince out there for you," or would it be, "Hunny Child, let me tell you. This Handsome Prince thing ain't all it's cracked up to be!" Have A Life BEFORE Becoming A Wife by Trudy-Ann Ewan Are you ready to be a wife? Do you have your own life with your own thing going on or are you seeking a man to fill your life and give you purpose? If a man is the only thing you have going on in your life, then when you begin to have problems those problems will flat-line you. You won't have anything else going on in your life to sustain you.

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